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About The Farm 

Only 30 minutes from downtown Nashville, you’ll find the beautiful Sacred Dog Ranch. This homestead sits on 50 gorgeous acres of open pasture and mature forest. A year round stream delivers meditative rhythms throughout the homestead. This special space has been conscientiously stewarded for generations. In 2018, Lisa, Gary, their daughter Lorretta, and the Sacred Dog sanctuary animals marked this oasis home. At the ranch you’ll be delighted to find regenerative food and medicinal gardens, an animal sanctuary, picturesque trails, and artistically constructed infrastructure.

The Gardens

Lisa and Gary have been practicing regenerative small scale farming for over 20 years. They believe that the foundation for any truly healthy garden is its soil. They only use farming practices which promote biodiversity. They protect the biology by keeping conventional pesticides and fertilizers off the land. The inputs they provide to their soil are made from animal bio fertilizers (sourced from the sanctuary), organic food scraps, and conscientiously sourced bio stimulators. The family also enjoys practicing new developments in sustainable agriculture such as hugelkultur beds, and inoculation. You’ll feel the care they give the soil when you see all the prolific garden species thriving! 


When Sacred Dog Ranch selects garden species they focus on heirloom varieties, pollinator attractors, and natural pest and disease management. The smells and visions of the garden are truly intoxicating. Teaming with life, color, and splendor these mixed edible and medicinal gardens will fill your heart with joy.  


The Animals

At Sacred Dog Ranch you’ll have the opportunity to meet a menagerie of rare and common species. Sacred Dog is known nationally for their compassion toward animals. They often foster and adopt animals in need of new homes.

The Forest

These mature forests are home to a number of mixed hardwoods and softwoods. The fallen trees attract multiple varieties of edible mushrooms. The stream provides water to the many woodland creatures. These lovely forests are enjoyed by guests both via horseback riding or by foot.

The Vibe

Lisa and Gary’s love for the arts shines throughout the homestead. colorful paintings, sculptures, and up-cycled ornaments adorn many of the structures. The Sacred Dog style is eclectic, imaginative, and multicultural. Your eyes will feist well at the Sacred Dog Ranch.

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