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The Emerald Cup

Side by side, Sacred Dog's Lisa Austin and Emerald Cup's Tim Blake, founded the very first Emerald Cup. What first started as a secret underground cannabis competition is now the worlds most prestigious cannabis event. 


Lisa has continued to have major involvement with The Emerald Cup, including CBD judging and talent bookings.  

First Annual Pollinator Party

Without our fuzzy insect friends where would the world be? Not only do these little ones aid in the reproduction of so many of the worlds plant species, their populations are in danger. With the modern world's adoption of dangerous chemical pesticides the pollinators well being is threatened. 


Through the Pollinator Party, The Sacred Dog Ranch, celebrates the hard work, human, and ecological value of these beautiful creatures.  Celebrate with Sacred Dog annually. Enjoy educational workshops, food, music, camping, and companionship the third weekend in May! 

Bees at Work

Image to come

Recordings at the Shoebox Mansion

Recordings at The Shoe Box Mansion included incredible musicians from around the country, playing at The Sacred Dog Ranch's private recording studio. Guest's enjoyed incredible collaborative opportunities, culinary dining, cozy accommodations, and friendship by the fire.  

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