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About the Sacred Dog Family 

Sacred Dog Ranch 
Event Center, Homestead, Animal Sanctuary 

The Sacred Dog family includes incredible people from all over the world and all walks of life. However, on the nuclear level Sacred Dog includes Lisa, Gary, and their adored child Lorretta. This family practices and promotes personal growth, authenticity, creativity, and sustainable living. Their mission is to inspire all those that cross their paths to enjoy this life to the fullest, while leaving a bright and sustainable future for coming generations. 


Sacred Dog Ranch started out as a farm and homestead in Mendocino California. Its genesis came from the coupling of an artistic ex circus trainer and a versatile musician. Mendocino is where the couple’s love and knowledge of medicinal plants first thrived. They grew organic hemp and other herbs for medicinal purposes. There they cultivated their understanding of compost, soil, regenerative agriculture, and community. After drought plagued the state for 4 years, numerous fires devastated surrounding areas. 


The couple saw and felt the impacts of climate change first hand. It profoundly affected the family and inspired them to invite others to learn about sustainable living and homesteading. Because of the environmental threats they faced in California, they decided to move the Sacred Dog Ranch across the country to Fairview Tennessee. Their new home provided a place where clean water, air, and soil are in abundance and where culture thrives.

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