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Sacred Dog Activities


  • Expertly curated music and entertainment  

    • With deep roots in the music and entertainment industry Sacred Dog Ranch can bring you the most talented acts at every level of production.  

  • Horseback riding 

    • Enjoy guided gentle riding throughout the ranch and beyond.  

  • Nature walks 

    • 50 acres of scenic nature trails 

  • Horse therapy 

    • Did you know horses are known to have a healing emotional, mental, and physiological effect of humans? Let Lisa and Gary know if this is of interest to you or your guests. ​​

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  • Farm to table meals 

    • Your taste buds, your body, and your soul will thank you when you take part in our intentional food system. 

  • Curated culinary dining experiences 

    • We can curate a culinary dining experience for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Ask us about in house catering or choose from a number of local chefs and mixologists that match your event’s intentions.


  • Food production 

    • Heirloom varieties and seed saving 

    • Hugelkultur 

    • Permaculture 

    • Foraging 

  • Medicinal Plants 

    • Medicinal gardening 

    • Medicine crafting 

    • Organic hemp farming 

  • Regenerative agriculture 

    • Companion planting 

    • Composting 

    • Natural pest management 

  • Animal husbandry 

    • Rare/heritage breeds 

    • Onsite apiary  

    • Sanctuary

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